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Passion Twists

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Let’s talk about Passion Twists!

They are everywhere online! If you haven‘t heard about this effortlessly feminine style, then you are late to the party! Passion Twists were popularized by the The Boho Babe via a viral YouTube video in early 2018. The name of the style “Passion Twists“ was coined by the Boho Babe in a tribute to her mother, Passion. In an attempt to capitalize on the fame of Passion Twists multiple hair companies have debuted crochet Passion Twists! You can create individual Passion Twists using Freetress Water Wave Hair. The average number of bags required to recreate this style is 8 packs and the time commitment runs from 4 - 8 hours depending on your braider. The benefits of the individually twisted Passion Twists are the versatility of the style. You have a range of options for how you can style your hair when you have individual twists. If you’re a fan of the half up & half down ponytail, then you can rock it. If you prefer a long sultry style with a side part, then you can style your Passion Twists that way. Or if you aren’t a fan of free flowing braids then you can wear a classic ponytail.

In an attempt to capitalize on the fame of Passion Twists multiple hair companies mass produced Crochet Passion Twists. Crochet Passion Twists are an option that will allow the user to install Passion Twists in record time! Clients now have the option to get their twists in literally half the time. In the past the drawback to crochet options were the limitations to styling. Presently a well installed crochet hairstyle can offer similar levels of versatility that individuals can afford you. Your braider will need to be up to date on the newest braid pattern and install techniques to provide a versatile Crochet Passion Twist install.

Presently my favorite brand of Pretwisted Crochet Passion Twists are Toyotress Tiana Passion Twists! They out did themselves with their amazing aesthetic and creativity! You can find this brand online at Amazon.

My name is Jennifer and I own Curly Coiffure and I provide braiding services in Dallas, Texas that can provide any client with a variety of the Passion Twists installation options. When you book with Curly Coiffure you will receive a high quality crochet install that mimics individually installed Passion Twists. If you’re interested in an appointment make sure to book via the website! I hope to see you soon!

Photos by Christian Onouha (IG - @kkonceptscco)

Hair by Jennifer Oboh (IG - @curlyfcoiffure)

Top by Boohoo

Makeup by Juvia's Place

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