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Hey there! My name is Jennifer and I am the owner of Curly Coiffure LLC. Curly Coiffure is a small black female owned business based out of Dallas, Tx. The vision of Curly Coiffure is to enhance the beauty of curly hair and melanted skin. Curly Coiuffure initially started as a service based business and integrated high quality vegan hair & skin butters & oils recently....



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What  people are saying!

....I have definitely noticed  a difference in my hair ever since I started incorporating oil massage this step into my routine....Today I used Curly Coiffure's Tea Tree & Mint Stimlating Scalp Oil. I love how lightweight this oil is and the fact that can use it on my scalp without it weighing my hair down. 

I definitely recommend if you are a scalp massage,  like myself....

                                            - Monica

This Curly Coiffure Tea Tree & Mint Whipped Butter has my skin looking like honey & literally butter smooth. Super lightweight products and doesn't feel heavy and too greasy foer summertime. A little goes along way with this product I went with a small sized jar because my hair & skin doesn't like new products. I've finally found what I've been looking for!!! What I love most is this business is black owned and the products are vegan. Shop Curly Coiffure for your hair & skin butters & oils.

                                           - Lilly

Ya'll if I can soak my face in a butter or oil for the night and it NOT cause an allergic reaction. I KEEP IT!

I always get a lot of questions about my skincare routine and sis, I keep it simple! I soak my skin at least twice per week, but the gag is...the product HAS to be legit....This butter right here...LOVE IT! It's the newest addition to my skincare family!...I adore this stuff!! All hair and skin butters that make my skin look like the portal to HAPPINESS!!! Thank you Curly Coiffure! These are amazing!!! Can't wait to purchase your other products!

                                    - Mary K. Bella

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