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Hi Ladies, this is Jennifer with Curly Coiffure! In today’s blog post we’ll be sharing with you 5 reasons why naturals love shea butter. But first, a little back story. Shea butter is from the shea trees that are native to West Africa. The butter is contained in the nuts and is extracted once the nuts are boiled to soften the shell so that it is easier to remove. For the people of Africa, it provides them with a job when they are making it for us while to us, it provides a multitude of benefits for the health of our hair. 1. Adds moisture – Not only does it seal in moisture, but it adds its level of moisture as well. The fatty acids from the butter can penetrate the hair shaft and provide it with the hydration that it needs. This is why most cream-based moisturizers or stylers contain shea butter. It is known to be a superb moisturizer that stays in your hair for a long time.

2. Seals in Moisture – Shea butter is commonly used as the c in the LOC/LCO method. Why? Because it acts as a sealant for the water or water and oil that we previously applied to our tresses. The fatty acids in the butter will coat the strands' protective layer and create a barrier. The barrier prevents moisture that we applied from our water, aloe vera juice, or water-based moisturizer from leaving our hair strands.

3. Adds Sheen – Have you ever applied she abutter to your skin and seen it glow? Yes, girl, the same effect it has on your skin, it has on your hair as well. Shea butter is rich in antioxidants from the levels of Vitamin A and E that are present in them. These are great as they reduce the look and feel of weak, damaged, or lackluster strands. To let your curls be shiny whenever you rock a wash and go, twist out or even a bun.

4. Softens the Hair – Since shea butter adds as well as seals in moisture, it’s no doubt that it will soften the hair. It will allow the driest hair strands to soften once applied properly to it. Therefore, being able to reduce and/or prevent split ends, single strand knots, and even tangles. A quick way to soften the hair using shea butter is by doing a hot oil treatment using shea butter. Melt the butter using heat to bring it to its liquid form and then apply it to your hair strands to sit for about 20 minutes.

5.Protects Against Sun Damage – Shea butter is a natural SPF (Sun Protection Factor) which means it protects against the harmful sun rays. Studies have shown that it’s SPF factor averages about 3 while commercial sunscreens may range between 2 and 15. Depending on where you are in the world, the temperature of the range may be as high a hot tool. And we usually protect the protective layer of our hair from breaking down using a heat protectant. So why not protect our hair strands from the heat rays using shea butter?

We sell a variety of shea butter products in the shop ( that were created with shea butter. They will benefit your tresses in the ways previously mentioned as well as with other additional benefits. Head to the shop and purchase one of our best sellers and let us know all about it.

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